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Darkwave & Gothic Blues

They say that music is the language of the soul, and this is certainly true for The Fall People. From songs about identity and life on the edges of society to dreamy etherial sonic poems, The Fall People make music that invite you into their world.  

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The Fall People started their exciting journey as a group in the fall of 2017. After years of collaboration in the band Rain In Eden, Kelly and Megumi Rain started the band to return to their alternative music roots. The Fall People have won over hearts with their blend of gothic inspired urban blues with themes around identity living on the outside of the mainstream world. Their music tells their story with a sincerity that is raw and honest and invites you to spend a little time in their world.

Kelly began his music career as the lead singer of Ivy Records recording artist Ninth Circle at the height of the Seattle gothic and industrial music scene in the 1990s. Kelly is a vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and electronic music producer..


Megumi began her career in Japanese traditional music as a Shamisen player performing Shinnai, an Edo period form of songs and music. Megumi is also known as the artist "Megumi Rain" a project exploring experimental electronic music.  She is an electronic music producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.

Together they bring a unique perspective to The Fall People that defines its dark and yet warm and dream inspired sound. The Fall People are just beginning their musical journey. Follow and enjoy their unique sound and sense of music and story telling.

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